SEO Optimization

For every site that you build, Website Builder makes our best effort to have your pages load quickly. We automatically resize the images for your site and optimize the code. When publishing a site, the sitemap is submitted to Google and Bing to make sure it is indexed. Complete the following to continue optimizing your site. To see all SEO settings, in the left panel, click Settings, and then click SEO.

Image Optimization

We automatically resize and compress images and show device-suited versions of the image. However, not every image can be optimized to the full potential by modern optimization tools. For instance, no compression tool will optimize the image that comes in 4000x7000 pixels. Since the majority of your users will not have such wide displays, simply upload smaller images.

Meta Tags for Search Engines and Social Media

To ensure the preview of your page on social media and search engine snippets look good, remember to set the following:

  • Site Title and Description

  • Social Media Image

  • Page Titles and Descriptions

  • Blog Post Descriptions

Alt text

Search Engines cannot see the images on your site, but they do crawl the alt text you put on them. This is a great place to use some of the keywords for your site.

To add alt text to an image, click the image in the editor, and on the Content tab, type the Alt text in the field provided.

Alt text is especially relevant for pages with a lot of images, but not a lot of content. Text is the main way to communicate with search engines, so make sure not to miss such an opportunity.Note

Make sure that the alt text matches the image. Otherwise, you will hurt your SEO instead of helping it.

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