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Site Launch Checklist

Hold your horses! Before you launch your website for the world to see, go through this list to make sure all your ducks are in a row.


Update business information

Is all of your contact information, location, and other business information up to date?

Add website content

Are your content blocks updated?

Consistent branding

Consistency within a website contributes to a clean and professional feel. Make sure to visit every page and double check that the colors, fonts and other design elements are cohesive. Visit our global styles page to learn how to reduce your work.

Update site photos

Mix up the photos that came with the template to create a truly unique website. You can upload your own or browse thousands of images through our Shutterstock image gallery (unlimited images included with your subscription).


Dutchie menu integration

Don't forget about integrating your Dutchie menu!

Google Analytics integration

For detailed instructions - view the documentation here.

Email marketing integration


This may not be an exhaustive list, and we aren't your lawyers, but here are some important things to remember:

Age Gate

Enable the age gate and set access parameters and age-restricted entry.

Privacy Page

A Privacy Page can be set up under Settings in the left panel.

Opt-in fields for contact forms

Shipping/delivery/ordering terms


SEO optimization

SEO can get pretty complicated pretty quickly, but a base level of SEO optimization can help your site get discovered.

Mobile optimization

Your Flynt site is responsive, which means its appearance is based on the device. Review your site in the tablet and mobile viewers to make sure everything looks a-okay. To learn more about mobile optimization, click here.

Purchase a Domain

Once your site is published, what are those magical letters after the www going to be? Learn more

Flynt come standard with an SSL certificate

Flynt hosts your website

Flynt has your CDN taken care of

The bits and bobs

If you're feeling productive, you can customize these features to really make your site feel polished.

Add a favicon

Add your social media info