Need a play-by-play of the most important elements to take care of? Here's a quick start guide to introduce you to the workflow to bring your site from zero to hero.

Here's the general flow that you'll follow to customize and launch your website.

  1. Choose and customize your website template

  2. Integrate your Dutchie Menu

  3. Publish your website

  4. Manage your website

Step 1: Customize your website

Flynt beta launches with two templates ready for you to customize.

1. JumpStart Template

Choose this template if you want to be up and running in less than 10 minutes

This is our lightest-weight template that still includes all the necessary features to build out a stellar website. It's a one-pager that cuts straight to the chase and hosts the menu on the landing page and requires very little to customize.

Customizing your JumpStart template involves very little effort, so you can fill out your site in less than 10 minutes. To get step-by-step instructions on getting JumpStart up and running, continue reading here.

2. Upside Template

Choose this option of you want a more thorough website customization process

Our Upside template includes multiple pages for a more thorough website experience. It is still an easy peasy process to work with Upside, but it does take longer to fill out all of the extra information available for your customers to peruse.

To customize your site, you'll need to do a few simple things like define your theme, add unique content to the pages, add your hours, etc. Continue reading to get a detailed breakdown of the customization process.

Need to take a break and come back to your site later? Your unpublished site will save your changes automatically!

Step 2: Integrate your Dutchie menu

Once you've set up your account with Dutchie, you can simply integrate your menu into the Menu page template.

Step 3: Publish your website

When you sign up for Flynt, you have trial access to the website builder for 30 days.

After your free trial expires OR when you're ready to make your site live, hit the "Upgrade From Trial" (or click here) button in navigation bar and enter in your subscription details. After the site is published, simply update the domain URL information, and you're good to go!

In the process of changing your website, the Flynt platform will automatically save your progress periodically. However, to make those changes live for your users, you must click "Republish" to make those changes available on your live website.

Learn more about publishing and website configuring domain here.

Before you launch, view our site launch checklist to make sure you have everything covered!

Step 4: Maintain your site

The beautiful thing about Flynt is how little maintenance your site needs. We back up everything automatically and update all of the plugins on your behalf.

But if you want to tinker with your existing pages, or even build upon it, you can easily edit, add, review, and publish changes within your builder!

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